Lorene Dennis


Our team is inspired not just by health, but by life. We support an optimal brain-body connection by providing the highest standard of lifelong care and education; allowing each individual to express the best version of themselves and navigate life’s joys and challenges with ease.

Dr Lorene Dennis has enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic Care since she was a baby. Now, with children of her own, including a daughter with Down Syndrome, she has been on a wonderful adventure exploring the latest techniques that she can use to help all families, especially those with different abilities. At present, she is among a select group of NZ Chiropractors studying a two year Diplomate in Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Paediatrics in Melbourne.

Dr Lorene is passionate about seeing the genius in all children and uses a holistic approach that includes movement, nutrition and neurology to help each individual be the best version of themselves. In particular, she looks at where the child is at developmentally and what can be done to ensure all systems are fully connected to assist them move on to the next stage. This includes looking at nutrition, movement and supporting care with a home programme.