Leila Joffe

Registered Classical Homeopath

Leila has over 25 years of extensive experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist for adults and children in various education and health contexts in both New Zealand and internationally. Leila has a special interest in working with children and their future health concerns as well as holistic education.

Leila has worked with children on the ASD spectrum collaborating with other practitioners who use the biomedical protocols to address this problem. Leila delivered a paper at the MINDD conference in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007 promoting the use of Homeopathy as a complementary discipline for such children.

Leila has taught homeopathy both at the Wellington School of Homeopathy as well as at CNHH in Auckland. Leila also runs retreats and workshops for homeopaths.

Leila is passionate about ensuring that Homeopathy has a place in Complementary Alternative Medicine practices and I work hard to contribute to this endeavour. Leila looks forward to meeting you and supporting you and your child on their road to health.